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Payment methods come in two options: automated and manual. With automated payments, we automatically verify payments sent to your customers and later send it to you via a payout. With manual payment methods, you will have to provide your account details to your customers and manually verify each payment they make.

Automated payment methods

Enabling automated payment methods allows you to track and accept payments from your customers conveniently.

Here's a list of automated payment methods we accept:


Payment Methods


PayNow, Credit/Debit Card


GCash, Bank Transfer via BancNet, Credit/Debit Card

USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand

Afterpay, Credit/Debit Card

United Kingdom

Clearpay, Credit/Debit Card

All other countries

Credit/Debit Card

Configuring automated payment

To configure how you receive payouts, you may update your payout information under Payments in Settings > Payments:

Note: Automated payments are on by default. If you've switched them off and have already received payments from customers for this payment method, be sure to turn them back on to receive your payouts.

After you turn on these payment methods and select Automated, click Add payout and fill in the details for the account that will receive your payout.

Don't forget to click Save! For payout speeds, check out Set your payout methods.

Manual payment methods

You can also choose to add your account details instead and verify payments on your own. There are no fees involved for manual payment methods: Manual Gcash, Manual Bank Transfer, and Custom Payments.

To add your own payment method:

1. Go to Settings > Payments
2. Scroll down and toggle on "Custom Payments".

3. Click "Add Custom Payment".

4. Input the payment method's name and instructions:

5. Click "Save" to start accepting payments from your new payment method.

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