If you are a customer who has not received the confirmation receipt for your order, please check the following:

Step 1: Check the Promotions folder in your email inbox.

Step 2: Check the Spam folder.

Step 3: Search your inbox for emails from Cococart.

Step 4: Check that your email address is correct. Sellers can resend the receipt if the email is correct.

If you are still unable to find the receipt after doing so, you may contact [email protected] with your order ID, merchant name, and email address.

If you are a merchant and your customer did not receive their receipt, they have most likely entered the wrong email address, or the email receipt was delivered to their Promotions or Spam mailboxes.

To resend receipts:

Step 1: Under Orders, click on your customer's order.

Step 2: Check if your customer's email is correct. To change their email, click Edit to modify the order details and hit Save.

You'll be prompted to re-send a receipt after clicking Save:

Step 3: Click send to email the receipt again. If your customer's email was correct and you didn't need to update it, simply click the order and select the receipt icon to re-send the receipt email to your customer.

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