Need to issue full or partial refunds to customers? Here's how you can do this for Credit Card payments on Cococart.

We're currently working on issuing refunds from the dashboard for other payment methods.

In the meantime, you can refund customers through your preferred platforms and manually cancel the order on your dashboard.

Take note: Credit Card payments can be refunded so long as you have enough balance in your pending payouts. Otherwise, you will receive an error message: “Your balance is too low to issue this refund.”

Here's how to refund Credit Card payments:

Step 1: Find the order to be refunded on your Orders page.

Step 2: Under the Status section, select Refund.

Step 3: Input your desired refund amount. You may issue full or partial refunds.

You will then be able to see the refund details in the expanded view of the order:

You'll also be able to view this on your Payouts page.

Please note: Cococart does not refund card fees because these are fees from third-party payment processors.

For orders that enable the Customer pays transaction fees option in their Settings, buyers will be be refunded up to the order total, excluding fees. If you don't wish to absorb card fees after issuing refunds, you may enable the option below.

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