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Our Lalamove feature is only available for Hobby subscribers and above.

Book a Lalamove delivery without manually inputting your customers' addresses! Check out the steps below:

Step 1: Choose orders for delivery

Log in to your Cococart Orders page, and tick the checkbox for the orders you want to export.

Step 2: Export to CSV

Click on "Export" button on the expanded menu, which is on the top right corner if you're on desktop, and on the center menu on mobile. Click "Export for Lalamove" to download a CSV file with the selected orders' details named lalamove-orders.csv.

Step 3: Upload CSV to Lalamove

Upload the CSV to Lalamove by clicking on "Import Addresses". This will create a route with your customers' addresses.

Click on "+ Add Stop" to add your pickup location and drag it to the top of the list

Step 4: Book your delivery

Double check the details of your Lalamove order then click on "Scheduled" or "Deliver Now" to place your order!

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