We're making order management on mobile better with Orders 2.0.

Here's everything you need to know about the change so you can seamlessly transition today.

Can't wait to transition? Log in to your Orders page via mobile and make the switch!

Quick navigation:

1️⃣ When you first log in

You'll notice we've now grouped your orders into cards, making it simple and easy to see orders at a glance.

If you have a New Order, a handy yellow indicator now appears to let you know.

2️⃣ See and update orders in a few clicks

Approving and rejecting orders with manual payments is as easy as selecting either Mark as Paid or Reject. You'll also be able to tap the Status bar to change order status anytime.

3️⃣ Where to find more order details

Wondering where other order details went, like customer phone number, email, and fulfillment method?

Expand the card to find out. Click on the symbol to get all the info you need.

4️⃣ Selecting multiple orders

Want to select more than one order? Click the three dots > Select orders, and you're ready to roll.

5️⃣ Filtering

Filter or search for orders using the Search bar. You then see several options for filtering your views.

6️⃣ Editing order details

Select the order by clicking the card or the > icon, then scroll down and click Edit.

How to Switch

Are you as excited as we are to start using Orders 2.0? Simply log in using your mobile device, head over to your Orders page, and opt-in from the handy banner up top!

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