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Wondering how to get rid of old stock? Here's how to offer customers bulk discounts!

Heads up: if you're combining your bulk discounts with a coupon code, the coupon code will be applied to the original price of the product (i.e. before it was bundled).

Step 1: Go to your admin dashboard and head to your Products page.

Step 2: If you want to offer bulk discounts for a new product, select the Create button on the right. Otherwise, select one of your products and scroll down to the Discounts section.

Step 3: Toggle on Discounted price.

Step 4: Then reduce your original price by percentage, by a given amount, or by volume. Here are a few examples.

By percentage: setting a 10% discount will reduce your original price by 10%.

By a given amount: setting PHP10 off discount will reduce your original price by PHP10.

By volume: type in the quantity that qualifies for a discount, and set your discount by a percentage or by a given amount.

Step 5: Click Save to set your discount live!

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