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I want to refer someone I know. Do you have a referral program?
I want to refer someone I know. Do you have a referral program?

Here’s what you can expect by joining our affiliate program.

Written by Cococart Support Team
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Are you currently searching for ways to rate a recurring passive income? Promote Cococart to your community and get a 20% commission on all successful subscribers you refer.

How can I get the 20% recurring commission from referrals?

  1. Use this link to create your affiliate account.

  2. Fill out the details and click sign-up. A confirmation link will be sent to your email address.

  3. After confirming, may be asked to provide your PayPal address to receive the payments. You can skip by clicking continue if you wish to complete it some other time.

  4. You can now access your affiliate dashboard and monitor your earnings!


How much do I earn for each successful referral?

Depending on which plan your referral subscribes to, you earn different commissions with no caps and limits. Below is a breakdown of what you can expect to earn for every referral that joins Cococart:

We don’t pay out commissions for self-referrals.

How can I promote Cococart?

We have an Affiliate Brand Kit for you to access done-for-you promotional material. Feel free to use them as is, take them as inspiration for your own platform, or use them as a start. Once you’re in the program, you’ll get access to this kit on your personal dashboard to help you increase your chances of making more commissions.

How do I track the number of successful referrals who subscribe through my affiliate link?

After you’ve created an account, you’ll be taken to your personalized affiliate dashboard where you can view how many link clicks, leads, and successful referrals you’ve made. You also will see how much you’re earning per month through your referrals.

How do I get paid?

We issue payments through PayPal within the first week of each month. Note that we have a 30-day holding period for new referrals to account for any adjustments or refunds.

As an example, if you successfully make referrals in mid-March, we clear the payment by mid-April, and we make your payout to your PayPal account in the first week of May. As your referrals grow, your monthly commission also grows month over month. 🥳

What if the referral subscribes to an annual plan, and decides to cancel their subscription midway? Do I still earn my commission?

We typically do not issue refunds halfway through an annual subscription. In this case, you keep all your commission from that referral, even if the subscriber cancels their account anytime before their plan is over.

Important Note:

We don’t allow running ads using our “Cococart” brand name as a way to drive affiliate traffic, e.g. running ads on Google, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Cococart reserves the right to withhold any payouts of affiliates who may breach these terms.

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