Looking for a way to keep your customers hooked? Say no more, our brand-new loyalty program's just hot off the grills!

This awesome feature is available on beta mode for Business and VIP subscribers. Upgrade now to boost your sales and get more customers!

Let's get started and build your loyalty program.

1. Head to your Loyalty page under the Grow Sales section.

2. Click the Create button. You'll be redirected to this page:

How customers will earn points

3. On the leftmost section, you'll see the basic mechanics of your loyalty program — the actions your customers can take to earn points:

  • When they sign up: your customers will automatically earn 100 points

  • When they spend $1: your customers will earn 10 points

Each of these are uneditable as they represent the standard recommended value (we're just trying to keep things simple for you 😉).

How to edit rewards

4. You'll see more default rewards on the rightmost section of your screen. These also represent the standard recommended values for rewards. If you'd like to edit or delete any of these, click the three dots on the side of each reward.

5. Upon clicking Edit button, you'll see this screen:

You can edit the values on each field to customize your reward. For each value you type in the Spend section, you'll see the equivalent in points. Since $1 spent will automatically earn your customers 10 points, any value for $ spent will be x10 in points

Quick maths! Here's an example for $1:

$1 x 10 = 10 points

And for $10:

$10 x 10 = 100 points

For the discount coupon, you'll be able

Once you're satisfied with your edits, click Done. Your new reward will then be displayed:

How to add a reward

6. Want to provide your customers with even more loyalty options? Click the Add reward button on the bottom of the rewards section:

Again, we'll provide you with the recommended values for rewards.

If you type in a value less than the recommended, you'll get this message:

But it's still up to you! You can click the Done button to save this reward on your shop.

Launching your loyalty program

7. One last step! To set your loyalty program live, make sure that the Activate option is toggled on.

Afterwards, click Save on the bottom of your screen.

Voilà, your loyalty program's ready for the taking! 🥳

Deactivating your loyalty program

If you'd like to deactivate your loyalty program, click the toggle and confirm your decision on the next screen:

To set your loyalty program live after deactivating it, click the Activate button again and hit Save.

Joining your loyalty program

Here's how customers can sign up for your loyalty program. They'll see it upon entering your virtual store:

Once they click the Earn rewards button, they'll see this screen:

Clicking the Join & get 100 points button will lead customers to this screen:

After providing their email, customers will be sent a verification link. The Check your points button will also require customers to verify their email first for security purposes.

Upon clicking the email link, your customers will be redirected and logged in to your shop so they can start earning points with every purchase.

Earning & redeeming points

As long as they're logged in, customers will be able to view their current points balance on the right side of their screen:

They'll also see how many points they'll earn from their purchase on the Review your order page:

Customers will only earn points when they're orders are marked as Approved (for manual payment methods or when successful payment is received (for automated payment methods).

The redemption feature's still in the works — but your customers can already stock up on points!

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