Introducing our new and improved Products page

Welcome to the newest version of our Products page! We've made it easier for you to manage all your product details at a glance. Additionally, the actions on each section of the Products page (i.e. Products, Categories, and Bundles) follow the same format as those outlined below.

For desktop view, the Preview column lets you view your product images, while the Category column tells you what category each product belongs to.

Share, duplicate or delete your product

We've also added the three icons to each row so you can copy your product link, duplicate your product, or delete it:

For bulk deletion, simply tick the first checkbox column and select the delete icon on the top right corner.

As for mobile view, you'll be able to see your product name, price, status, and category on each card:

Edit your product

Clicking a card will redirect you to the Edit Product page, where you can make changes to your product details.

Search for products

The three icons on the top right corner lets you search for products, create a new product, or make changes to multiple products:

Select multiple products

Clicking the Select button will you give you the option to select products and make changes to them. Selecting one product will let you copy the product link, duplicate the product, or delete the product.

Heads up โ€” your product link will only be available if:

  • Your Calendar isn't enabled: this is to prevent customers from bypassing your available order dates

  • Your product doesn't have any variants: this is to prevent inventory discrepancies.

Meanwhile, selecting more than one product will only give you the option of deleting products in bulk.

That's an overview of our new Products page! Follow the next steps to create a new product.

Add a new product

Step 1: Click on the + New product button on the top right corner of the products management page.

Step 2: Fill in the requested details.

To break it down:

Set your product Name, Price, and Image. Here's a tip: your products will look best with 1:1 or 3:4 aspect ratios.

Toggle on Description if you want to add more product details or Labels for product popularity or availability. If none of the suggestions fit your product, you can create your own Custom label too.

Set a Category for your product to make it easier for customers to navigate through their options. If you want to create a new category, click here.

Next, you can toggle on Restrict quantity choices to set a cap on how much your customers can order.

If your product isnโ€™t ready for public viewing yet, toggle on Hide from shop to keep your product archived.

Step 3: Add Variants, Additional info, or Discounts to your product!

Don't forget to click Save to keep track of your changes.

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