Cococart supports inventory for variants of products.

When editing your product, once inventory is enabled, merchants can now choose between having inventory for the product itself or for variants of the product.


Depending whether your have enabled date selection for your shop, the places in which you edit your variant inventory will be different.

To edit inventory levels for variants after enabling the "by variant" option under inventory

For merchants who enabled date selection:

  1. Head over to your Calendar page.

  2. Select the date for which you would like to edit variant inventory for

  3. Edit inventory for variants that appear in a drop-down of the main product

  4. Click Save located at the bottom of your screen.

For merchants who did not enable date selection:

  1. Upon enabling inventory by variant scroll down to your variant details.

  2. Enable Inventory within the variant itself.

  3. Enter your inventory level.

  4. Click Save located at the bottom of your screen.

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