Introducing our new and improved Bundles page

Similar to our Products page, our new Bundles page lets you view and manage your bundles more conveniently.

For desktop:

And for mobile:

Creating a new bundle is similar to adding a new Product.

Create a bundle

Step 1: On your Admin dashboard, click on Bundles under the Products page.

Give your Bundle a name, a price, images, descriptions and the like. Then you can add the Products from your shop that belong in this bundle by selecting them from the dropdown list:

Note: Your Bundles' availability will depend on the availability of each Product included, so any Bundle will automatically be listed as Unavailable if there are sold-out products.

From here, you can also set any quantity restrictions and easily hide this product from your shop.

You can also add Additional info options for your bundle. For products in the bundle that have Additional info, the individual options will not be shown.

If you would like specific bundled products to have customizations, please add them individually to your Bundle settings.

Once you're satisfied with your Bundle, don't forget to hit Save.

Important Note: If you have Categories enabled, be sure your new Bundles are added to at least one Category in order for them to appear on your live shop.

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