This awesome new feature is available for Startup and up subscriptions. Upgrade now to send broadcasts to your customers!

Our email feature lets your share new products and promos with your customers, on top of reminding them to complete checkout!

The cart reminder email is automatically sent to your customers if they don't check out their cart in 1 hour.

Writing your email

Meanwhile, here's how to alert customers about your new products:

1. On your Broadcasts page, click the Create email button under the Share my products or Share my promotions section.

2. You'll be redirected to an email template that you can customize to suit your needs:

Pro-tip: we recommend uploading a JPEG or PNG image not larger than 1MB.

Send your email to a default audience

To get started, pick your target audience. By default, you can send your email to:

  • All customers;

  • Those who've made only one (1) purchase;

  • Those who've made multiple purchases.

The parentheses next to each group represent how many customers belong to it:

Send your email to a customized audience

Additionally, if you've created your own custom tags, you can send out personalized emails to each of these groups:

Your tag will appear as an audience group as long as there are at least two (2) customers in your tag.

Exclude customers from your email

There's also an option to exclude certain customers from your custom tags. To do so, click the edit icon on the right side of your screen:

The "βœ“" icons next to each name mean that these customers will receive your email:

Simply click a name to exclude a customer from your email and select Apply to this email:

The customer without a "βœ“" next to their name will not receive your email, but they'll still be part of your custom tag.

It's a good way to segment your customers so you can tweak the message of your email for your specific audience: are you writing to brand-new customers? Or those who've already tried a number of your products? You'll achieve the highest engagement and click-through rates when your emails feel personal!

3. In the body email, you can edit the Title, Body, and Button name. For the title, type in a maximum of 40 characters:

Write something that sums up the message of your email: something eye-catching and intriguing, just like your shop!

4. Next, you can customize the body text if you want to inject your brand voice or any special messaging:

For this section, you can write a maximum of 160 characters.

5. Then lead customers to your store with your own Call-To-Action button:

You can write a maximum of 14 characters for this one.

6. Finally, you can customize your email even more by adding your own image:

Sending your email

Not quite sure about your email? Click the Test Email button on the top right corner of the page:

Your test email will then be sent to your registered email address. Once you're ready to broadcast your email to your customers, hit the Send Email button.

Saving your email as a draft

If you'd rather leave your email as a draft for now, you can click the Back button on the top left corner of the page to save your email as a draft. Afterwards, it'll appear like this so you can continue making edits or you can discard your draft:

As for the Share my promotions option, it has the same features but a different template that you can also customize:

And that's a quick rundown of Email Marketing 101. πŸ˜‰

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