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Boost customer loyalty by creating a personal shopping experience for top spenders, first-time buyers, or any category that suits your fancy

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Our brand-new Customers list lets you see who your customers are and how much they've spent at a glance. Upgrade to Growth or Pro to get this easy Customer Resource Management (CRM) tool.

For Desktop

On each row, you'll see:

  • Your customer's name

  • Their total number of orders

  • Their total spend

  • Their last order date

  • Any tags you've created for them (available for Startup and up — more about this in a bit!)

Meanwhile, clicking on each customer row will expand their details to display their Tags, Customer info, Order history, Loyalty points (for Business subscribers) and Notes.

Use Customer Tags

Upgrade to Growth or Pro now to get your hands on this exclusive feature. Dividing your customers into different groups will help you serve them better: if you know their preferences, you'll certainly be able to create a more personalized shopping experience for them!

Creating a New Tag

You can start by clicking on the customer card. It'll expand on the right side of your screen so you can click the Add tag button:

You can then type in any title to tag your customer with:

Adding Customers to Existing Tags

Once you've created a tag, you'll be able to use it for other customers too. Just click the Add tag button and select an option from your list of created tags:

Adding Multiple Tags

If you have a customer that fits into multiple groups or segments, you can add them to another tag. Just click the Add tag button and check all that apply:

Then click anywhere outside the expanded card to apply the tag.

Removing Customers from Tags

To remove a customer from a tag, simply click the tag to remove the "✓" icon:

Deleting Tags

You can delete an entire tag by clicking the "..." icon:

Other benefits of using tags? Check out this article to send personalized emails to each customer segment.

Add Notes About Your Customer

Want to take your categorization up a notch? Add notes about your customer by scrolling to the bottom of their customer card:

For this section, you can type a maximum of 500 characters.

Use Filters

On your initial view, you can sort the customer's Total spend by clicking on the up or down button. The up button will display customers in an ascending order based on their order date:

Meanwhile, clicking the down button will display customers in a descending order:

You can filter your view further by tweaking each tab below:

A quick note: each filter isn't required. You can opt to use only one at a time if that suits your needs better. Let's break each filter down into steps.

Step 1: Click Last order date. You'll be asked to input a specific date range for your filter.

Then hit Confirm to view the customers who've purchased from your store during your selected date range.

Step 2: Click Tags to can customers by a certain group you've created.

This filter will automatically be applied once selected.

Step 3: Next, toggle the Total number of orders from 1 to the highest number of orders you've received from a single customer.

Step 4: Similar to the Total number of orders, the Total spend range also lets you toggle customer purchases from $0 to the highest value of orders you've received from a single customer.

Toggling the Total number of orders and the Total spend range will automatically apply these filters.

For mobile

On mobile, you can view the customer's name, last order date, and total number of orders on the left side of each card. Their tags and total purchases will be displayed on the right side of each card.

Use Filters

Step 1: You can filter your view by clicking the up or down button:

Step 2: Next, you can add edit your view further by tapping the Filters button on the top right corner of the page. Beginning from the Last order date, you can select a date range to display the customers who've placed orders within this time period.

Don't forget to click the Apply button!

Next, click Show customers button to apply your date filter. Otherwise, save this step for later if you'd like to use other filters.

Step 3: To filter customers by tags, you can do so by selecting a group from the dropdown menu:

Step 4: Afterwards, you can toggle the Total number of orders by gliding the button left or right:

Step 5: Similarly, you can toggle the Total spend range like this:

To apply your combined filters, click the Show Customers button. Customers who fit your filters will then be displayed.

Manage Your Customers' Loyalty Points (for Business subscribers)

Under the Order History portion after clicking on one of your customers' info, you'll be able to:

  1. Send an invite to your regulars who haven't signed up for your Loyalty program yet.

  2. View, add, or deduct points of customers who've signed up for your Loyalty program.

🚩 Need to Know:

  • The total number of orders includes both approved and rejected orders, just so you can get an idea of how many times your customer has tried to purchase from your store.

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