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Introducing our new and improved Categories page

Similar to our Products page, our new Categories page lets you create and sort your categories efficiently.

The desktop view lets you see which products are in your categories at first glance.

And the same goes for mobile:

To add categories:

  1. Head over to the Categories section under your Products page.

  2. Click on Create located at the top right of your screen.

  3. Name your categories and give it an image.

  4. Select the products that belong in this category.

  5. Click Save located at the bottom of your page to set your changes live!

The new category will now show up in your shop.

Important Note: All uncategorized products will go into the Everything Else category.

If you'd rather hide this category, make sure all your products are grouped into your existing categories. You can also set your Everything Else products to Inactive to hide them from your shop.

Rearrange your categories

You can also rearrange your categories by clicking on the Rearrange icon on the top right corner.

You'll then be able to drag your categories so they can appear in a specific order on your shop.

Rearrange products within your category

To rearrange the order of your products, simply edit your category and scroll down to the Products section:

Ta-da, now your products are perfectly organized. ๐Ÿค“

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