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Everything you need to know about subscriptions, sales limits, and auto-upgrades. Quick maths with Cococart!

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Cococart was created to support the busy business owner at each stage of their journey as an entrepreneur. Cococart is free to start, but you can access more features to keep up with your ever-expanding customer base.

What does that mean?

For signups from Singapore, the Philippines, the United States, and Canada: you'll be granted exclusive access to a full set of premium features for 7 days on a free trial before choosing any of our paid plans to continue accepting orders on Cococart.

For signups from other countries: Say you start with our Free Forever plan. But now you have a steady stream of orders and want to solidify your brand with more customizations and flexibility. For only US$5/month, you can upgrade to our Buy Us a Coffee plan to get access to color themes for your storefront, promo codes and bulk discounts, a custom domain, and orders export via CSV! The options go on and on as you jump to each plan to support your increasing sales.

Awesome to know: our pricing plans are localized depending on the country where you’re currently using Cococart. You can check out the prices for your country here.

Sales limit - what is it?

Depending on your plan, you can make a certain amount of sales without having to upgrade to the next plan. Unlike other e-commerce platforms that charge as much as 5% of your shop’s total income (including transaction and delivery fees), Cococart supports small businesses depending on their stage of growth by creating sales limits per plan. Each sales limit only counts each order’s actual value, excluding delivery fees and rejected orders. This makes it possible for us to keep our overall pricing cheaper and more accessible to all types of business owners.

Since you’re just starting out, we’ll cover the subscription cost of $79/month for a full list of features. You can think of it this way: our Free, Buy Us a Coffee, Hobby, and Startup plans are previews of our complete platform. Each plan has its own list of features that cater to the current stage of your business and volume of sales. When you start making more sales, then you’ll be equipped to upgrade to the next plan to the next until you can unlock the complete Cococart experience with our Business plan.

Premium Plans

Paid plans each come with different features and sales limits — the higher the sales limit, the more features you'll get:

Once you reach the sales limit of your current plan, however, you'll have to auto-upgrade to the plan that can accommodate your current sales volume.

How do auto-upgrades work?

If your shop exceeds their sales volume within the billing month, the full upgrade cost will not be charged in your next billing period. The new upgrade cost will only apply from the day when you first filled up your sales volume, to the end of the billing period.

To illustrate:

  • The start of your billing cycle: October 1

  • You filled up your sales volume: October 15

If your initial plan was US$10/month and the new upgraded plan is US$20/month, you’ll only be billed an additional US$5 for the month of October: half off the difference of the new plan ($20 - $ 10 = $10/2 = $5), since you won’t be using the new plan for a full month. So for the month of October, your subscription bill will be $10 (the initial plan) + $5 (half of the difference of the new plan) = $15 instead of the full cost of the new plan ($20).

You'll then be charged the full cost of your new plan at the beginning of your next billing cycle.

If you'd like to turn off auto-upgrades, you can do so under your Membership page:

Just ensure that you have at least one (1) automated payment enabled so we can pass the 5% convenience fee to your customers. Your sales limit will then reset at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

What happens if I don't upgrade after reaching my sales limit?

If you don’t upgrade within 24 hours of filling up your sales volume, you’ll pass a small convenience fee (5% of your customer’s order total) to keep your shop open. The sales limit will then reset at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

🚩 Need to Know:

Annual Plans

With annual plans, you can save as much as 20% per month. For example, our Buy Us a Coffee plan is US$5/month for an annual plan, and US$6.25/month for our monthly plan. Once you choose to upgrade your plan and unlock more features, you’ll only be billed a one-time annual charge for the new plan. For our Buy Us a Coffee plan, this is $5/month x 12 months = only $60 for an entire year of new features.

All in all, Cococart supports business both small and expanding by offering flexible options depending on you and your shop’s needs!

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