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How do I sign up for an account?
How do I sign up for an account?

Create your online shop in less than 3 minutes!

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Cococart is designed to kickstart your online business journey with just a few clicks!

How do I set up an account for selling products?

  1. Enter your shop name

    Don't worry, you can still modify the details later!

  2. Choose "Buy products"

  3. Choose whether you'd like an online store or a physical store

    We now have a POS app you can use for transactions in your physical store, along with creating an online store!

  4. Add one product

    Best to choose your best-seller, so it's the first product in your shop! Add the item name and its price.

  5. Select how you want to fulfill the orders

    You can have the products delivered, picked up, or both!

  6. Provide an active and working email

    TIP: It's best to create an email address intended for shop management, as you'll be receiving order notifications and feature updates. After completing the form, you will receive an email to verify the account.

  7. Select from any of our plans

    Choose the plan that best fits your business. You will then be granted a 14-day trial to try out the features and when you're ready, you can choose any premium plan.

    NOTE: If you cancel your trial right after signing up, your free trial will be canceled immediately. If you'd like to cancel your plan at the end of your trial period, please reach out to us.

  8. Add in your card details

    You will not be charged ahead of the trial. Should you change your mind at the end of your trial period, you can easily cancel it on your Membership page.

  9. Activate your shop

    You'll be receiving an activation email, which will direct you to a link where you can set your name and password. Please key in your name so we know what to call you when you reach out to us!

How do I set up an account for reservations?

  1. Enter your shop name

  2. Choose "Book reservations"

    Want to accept bookings? You can now do it on Cococart!

    NOTE: If you do not choose reservations upon signup, you won't be seeing the "Bookings" tab in your dashboard after signing up

  3. Specify the kind of bookings you are accepting

    Tables? Classes? Appointments? Name it and provide the duration from 30-120 minutes.

  4. Add in your business hours

    ​Set the start and end time of your reservations. The time slots your customers will see will be based on the intervals you set in the prior step.

  5. Set an amount if you require a down payment for the booking

    This is totally optional! Should you choose yes, you'll be asked how much your customers need to pay upon booking.

    Refer to Steps 6 - 10 above to complete the set-up, then start accepting bookings and selling products with Cococart! 🥥 🥳​

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