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To use Cococart for your Instagram Shop, Instagram requires that you verify ownership of your shop's web address.

Here's an overview of how to do so:

Step 1: Visit your Facebook Business Settings.

Step 2: Add your Cococart shop's web address as a business domain. For example,

Step 3: Under Meta-tag Verification, copy the meta-tag code that Facebook provides.

Step 4: Go to your Settings, go to the Advanced section, paste the meta-tag code under "Instagram Shopping" and save these settings.

Step 5: Return to Facebook Business Settings and click on "Verify". Your shop's web address should now be verified!


You can find more information on this verification process in this Facebook article.

Once your web address is verified, you can submit an account review to Instagram to activate your Instagram Shop.

Please note that Instagram has full control of their approval process. Should your account review fail, please contact them to resolve any issues with your review.

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