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Heads up: if you're combining your coupon code with bulk discounts, the coupon code will be applied to the original price of the product (i.e. before it was bundled).

Step 1: Head to the Promotions page and select Create to add your coupon code.

Step 2: Fill in the requested details for your coupon code, its application, and how much it takes off the original price.

Take note: applying the discount to Fulfillment methods will reduce fulfillment fees, and not the customer's order total.

As for setting the value of the discount, you can choose between Percentage Off, which reduces your price by the percentage you set, or Off Total, which reduces your price by the amount you set.

Step 3: Next, set the Requirements and Limits of your coupon.

Don’t forget to click Save to set your coupon ready for redemption!

Here’s how customers will redeem the coupon on your store:

Torn between coupon codes and bulk discounts? Here's a tip: coupon codes can be applied to your customer's total order, while bulk discounts apply to specific products only.

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