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Create Promos Using Coupon Codes
Create Promos Using Coupon Codes

Encourage customers to buy more of your products with promotions!

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Offering promotions can greatly increase sales by attracting new customers and encouraging them to come back for more. PLUS, if you're a Startup or Business subscriber, you can use the Email Marketing feature to send your coupon codes to your customers! 🤩

How to Create Coupon Codes

  1. Head to the Marketing page and click on the Promotions tab.

  2. Click on "Create Promotion" to add your new coupon code.

  3. Fill in the requested details for your coupon code, its application, and how much it takes off the original price.

Coupon Code Settings

  • Choosing which products the discount applies to

    You can choose to apply it to all your products, only to specific products, or to your fulfillment fees:

    ❗️NOTE: Applying the discount to Fulfillment methods reduces fulfillment fees, and not the customer's order total.

  • Setting the discount

    • Percentage Off - reduces the price by the percentage you set

    • Off Total - reduces the price by the amount you set

  • Setting a maximum discount
    This is putting a limit on how much can be deducted from the order amount. For example, your coupon is 10% off the total. Your customer's order total is Php 2,000. Instead of having Php 200 off, their maximum discount will only be Php 100.

Coupon Code Requirements and Limits

  • Minimum Purchase
    You can set a required purchase for the coupon code to be applied.

  • Active dates
    This is when your customers can use the coupon code for ordering. You can set a start and end date.

  • Fulfillment dates
    You can also set the fulfillment dates the coupon code will be applicable to. A start and end date can also be set.

  • Fulfillment methods
    If the discount is for a Fulfillment method, you can choose which of your existing methods it will be applied to.

  • Maximum redemptions
    Limit how many customers can redeem the code! Once the maximum redemption is reached, your coupon code can no longer be used.

    On the other hand, leaving it toggled off would mean there's an unlimited number of redemptions.

  • One use per customer only
    Toggling this on will make sure the coupon code can only be redeemed once per email address.

Lastly, once you've configured your coupon code's settings and limitations, don't forget to hit Save!

Redeeming the Coupon Code

Here's how your customers can redeem their coupon codes at checkout:

🚩 Need to Know:

  • Torn between coupon codes and bulk discounts? Here's a tip: coupon codes can be applied to your customer's total order, while bulk discounts apply to specific products only.

  • If you're combining your coupon code with bulk discounts, the coupon code will be applied to the original price of the product (i.e. before it was bundled).

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