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Where can I find this feature?

Our Broadcasts page lets you re-engage with customers via email. In this article, we'll be talking about our Win back abandoned checkouts email.

So, how does it work?

Say your customer made it all the way to this part of your store:

But they didn't end up clicking the Confirm order at the very end of the ordering flow:

As long as your customer provided their email during the first step of the checkout process, we'll automatically send them this email within the next hour:

The email will be customized to accommodate your shop's name, along with the products that the customer left in their cart:

Unlike the Share my products and Share my promotions emails, the text of the Win back abandoned checkouts email isn't currently editable: to save you time and get you sales faster, we'll send this email to your customer so you can recover the lost sale in a jiffy.

For Business+ subscribers, the Complete my order button will redirect customers to their shop to check out instantly.

Customers will see this option if they've enabled "Save my info for future orders" for previous purchases:

So as soon as they click on your email, they'll be redirected to your product page:

And the Checkout now button will send them right to the order review section, where they can confirm their order or review any of their pre-filled details:

Add a promotion to your abandoned checkout email

We've just added a new feature to our abandoned checkout email! Now, your customers can receive a promotion 10 hours after receiving the first abandoned checkout email.

Here's how to set this up:

1. Click the Recover more button.

2. You'll see this screen so you can add a promo of your choice to the follow-up email sent 10 hours after customers don't check out:

3. The edit button will let you tweak the mechanics of your promo before going live. Meanwhile, the Create button will automatically set the promotion live with the default mechanics.

4. Here's how to edit your promo mechanics (you can do this even after it's been set live!):

The Coupon code is unique and auto-generated per customer — nothing like making customers feel like they unlocked a special discount code!

Similar to our other Promotions, you can have the discount apply to All products or Fulfillment fees, and you can have the discount reduce the price by a percentage or a set amount.

You can then set a Maximum discount and a Minimum purchase so your customers have to meet certain requirements before redeeming the discount:

That's it! Click Save to set your promotion live.

Deleting your promotion

After setting your promotion live, you can click the Edit promotion button to make other tweaks to your mechanics.

Changed your mind? Click the three dots to the right of the button to delete your promotion:

Deleting the promo will prevent future customers from receiving this email, but customers who've already received it can still redeem the promotion.

Sending a test email

If you'd like to see a sample of this email, just click the Test email button to send it to your registered email address.

And that's a wrap! It's all about increasing sales with effortless shopping. 😎

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