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How we collect and use your customers' info
How we collect and use your customers' info

Here's a bite-sized privacy policy on how we collect and use your customers' information

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Collecting customer information is essential to helping you fulfill orders. Here's a quick breakdown of the personal information we collect for order fulfillment, and the purchase history we collect for promotional emails. 😊

Personal information

What we collect:

  • Your customer's name

  • Their email address

  • Their phone

  • Their delivery address

The information above is collected for all customers as soon as they click the Proceed to pay during checkout:

Why do we collect these:

  • To help you fulfill orders on Cococart

  • To provide customers with the option to pre-fill information fields once they make another order

Purchase history

Customers are automatically added to your mailing list if they leave the "I'd like to receive shop offers and updates through email" box checked during the checkout process:

Once checked, they'll be able to receive the emails on your Broadcasts page:

What we collect:

  • Total orders

  • Total spend

  • First order date

  • Last order date

Why do we collect these:

  • To provide you with an easy tool for getting to know your customers and tailoring their shopping experience.

That's a wrap! Make the most of the information customers share to tailor their shopping experience to their needs. πŸš€

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