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Understanding How Our New Dashboard Works
Understanding How Our New Dashboard Works
Written by Cococart Support Team
Updated over a week ago

Introducing our brand-new Cococart experience: Dashboard 2.0!

If you’ve been a long-time Cococart merchant, you might now notice you’ve got a shiny new dashboard. 🤩

We’ve done more than just reskin your entire admin page—we’ve redesigned almost everything to make sure your Cococart experience is better, simpler, and more delightful.

Of course, change can be difficult to get around, so we’ve documented some of the biggest changes and improvements you can expect from recent changes.

Improved Navigation

The biggest change you’ll see on Cococart is that we’ve improved the navigation. We’ve moved from using a sidebar to putting all your most important pages to the top of your screen (or bottom on mobile).

What this does is give you the space to see some secondary navigation options, making it simpler and easier to find anything you might want to find on Cococart.

There are also some minor changes to some settings, where we’ve moved a few things to different menus:

  • Payouts is now called Earnings, and you can find this under your Orders page

  • Your Subscription page is now in your Settings under the Upgrade tab

  • Account settings are now accessible by clicking on your shop's icon on the upper right corner of your dashboard

Instant Search

Not sure where something is? Our new handy Search bar is designed to help you find anything you need.

Type in a feature you’re looking for to instantly find out where it is on your dashboard! 🕵🏻

Preview Changes Before Saving

We know that it took some effort to customize the look of your store: you probably found yourself playing around with custom colors, saving your changes, previewing your store to see how it looks, making changes based on what you see, then repeating those steps until your store was perfect.

Say goodbye to lengthy sit-down sessions trialing different colors, text, or changes to your store—because each change you make on Cococart can now be previewed before saving!

This applies to more than just cosmetic changes. Even any features that add certain buttons or call to actions on your store will also be reflected, making sure you know just how your shop will change when you enable or disable anything.

Need help navigating the new changes?

We’re always happy to lend a helping hand. If you encounter any problems using your new Cococart admin dashboard, send us an email and our friendly merchant success team will help you get on your way. 🫡

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