Cococart was designed to be simple to set-up. Let's get started!

Step 1: Entering your shop name

Simply enter your shop name in the blank line provided!


Step 2: Entering a product name

Put the name of the product you would like to sell on the site.


Step 3: Put an image for your product

Make your product more attractive with a fancy image!


Step 4: Decide on a price for your product

Cheap or Expensive? Its your call!


Step 5: Different options for products

Does your product come with different options? If so, Cococart allows you to upload images and prices for individual options. If not, simple click "No" and we'll move to the next step!


Step 6: Specific Dates

For some businesses who would prefer customers to order for specific dates, we provide that option as well!


Steps 7-8: Delivery/ Collection methods

Choose how customers will receive their products and input some small details required for each option!


Step 9: Your email address?

For you to access the store later and after this, you're done and your shop is ready to go!

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