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Sign Up in Just A Few Minutes!
Sign Up in Just A Few Minutes!

Your guide to setting up your site in less than a minute!

Written by Cococart Support Team
Updated over a week ago

Cococart was designed to be simple to set-up. Let's get started!

Selling Products

  1. Enter your shop name:
    Simply enter your shop name in the blank line provided!

  2. Choose "Products"

  3. What type of product are you selling?
    We've started categorizing shops, so we can cater to your needs better!

  4. What are you offering?
    Name one of your products. Get your best-seller ready!

  5. Add an image of your product
    Upload your product's best photo! If you don't have one yet, you can upload your logo as a temporary placeholder.

  6. Set a price for your product

  7. Does your product have variants?
    If your product has different varieties, you can choose to set it up on the flow, but you can always get back to it on your dashboard!

  8. Do you want to enable your Calendar?
    Enabling your Calendar will allow you to set specific dates for accepting orders. This can be enabled later on in your dashboard too!

  9. Set your fulfillment method/s
    Delivery, pickup, or both? 🤔

  10. Do you charge delivery fees?
    Choosing "paid with order" is for our Lalamove integration - available for Startup and Business subscribers.

    On the other hand, if you choose quoted after order, delivery fees will be paid outside your checkout flow, after checking the delivery fee.

  11. Instructions for pickup orders

  12. Set your shop link
    Have a link in mind? Be ready to choose a unique one!

  13. Enter your email address
    Best to create an email address intended for shop management, as you'll be receiving order notifications and feature updates on the email you provide. 📨

    You can always update this though, don't worry!

  14. Your shop's ready!
    From here, you can either visit your shop, or visit your dashboard, so you can verify your email, and continue setting up.

  15. Activate your shop.
    You'll be receiving an activation email, which will direct you to a link where you can set your name and password. Best to put in your own name, so we know what to call you when you reach out to us!

Accepting Bookings

  1. Refer to Step 1 above!

  2. Choose Bookings
    Want to accept bookings? You can now do it on Cococart! 😉

  3. What kind of bookings are you accepting?
    Tables? Classes? Appointments? Up to you!

  4. Add an image for your booking

  5. Do you require booking down payments?
    If you choose yes, you'll be asked how much your customers need to pay upon booking.

  6. Set your opening hours

  7. Set your booking duration
    You can always get back to this setting later, but your choice! 😊

  8. Refer to Steps 12 - 15 above, then that's it! Welcome to Cococart! 🥥

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