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How do I customize my order button?
How do I customize my order button?

Customize your "Order Now" button text to match your vibe.

Written by Cococart Support Team
Updated over a week ago

The default text for the button that customers click to begin their order process can be changed in your Cococart settings. You can personalize the text shown, so you can represent your brand a little more!

Here's how to change your "Order now" button text:

  1. Head over to Appearance

  2. In the first section under Color them, change the text in the Order button field. It can be whatever you want, depending on the products you offer.


  3. Click Save at the bottom of your page so make sure the changes have been applied!

How will it look like in my shop?

Your order button is the first button your customers see in your shop, and this is how it'll appear:

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