For subscription plans, we accept any Credit or Debit card.

If a shop exceeds their sales limit within the billing month, the full upgrade cost will not be charged in your next billing period. The new charges only apply from the day which the shop's sales limit has exceeded resulting in the shop not having to pay the full upgrade cost in the next billing period.

For example, if your shop has exceeded your sales limit halfway through the billing period. The initial plan was 10 USD a month and the new upgraded plan is 20 USD a month. You will be billed an additional 5 USD: -5 USD for unused time on the initial price, and 10 USD for the remaining time on the new price.

To change your payment method for subscription credits, you can head to your Membership page and click on the subscribed button under your current plan. You'll be redirected to this payment page:

Click the edit icon next to your previous card. Then select Add payment method on the next page:

Fill in the required details and click Update.

That's it! Your subscription should now be charged to your new card.

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