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Cococart allows you to manage your inventory of products for different order dates using our dashboard. This is especially useful if you have a limited number of products to sell per day, such as for bakers or chefs.

Step 1: Head to General under Settings and make sure that under Customizations, you have Available dates toggled on.

Step 2: Visit your Calendar dashboard. The first screen will give you the option to set available dates and cutoff dates for your orders:

Step 3: If you'd like to set your inventory for a certain date, select the dates on the left.

Or select the entire month by ticking the Select Month checkbox below the calendar. Then select Open for orders or Blocked:

The Open for orders option will present available dates for your customers. Your inventory will then be updated based on customers' orders.

Step 4: On desktop, you can directly type in the quantity remaining of each product.

On mobile, click Edit Availability and type in the quantity remaining of each product.

You can also set your delivery and pickup slots for the selected dates:

Step 5: To set your changes live, click Save.

Pro tip: You can change limit quantities for individual product variants as well, simply head to your individual product page and change your inventory to "by variant".

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