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How do I close my shop for orders?
How do I close my shop for orders?

Taking a break? Cancelled your subscription? Here's how you can close your shop!

Written by Cococart Support Team
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Planning for a temporary curtain call? Closing the shop while you're away or taking a break ensures a seamless customer journey. Dodging any confusion from delays or unmet orders, it's your savvy move for a hassle-free hiatus. Below are the ways you can do it:

Set Your Shop to Private Mode

Your shop won't appear in any search engines, but your settings will still be intact. If you decide to use your Cococart shop again, you can just log into your account, and toggle off Private mode.

  1. Go to your General settings

  2. ​​

  3. Toggle on "Private mode", then set a password.


  4. Click "Save". Then that's it!


  • People who have the private link shown in the photo above will still have access to your shop, and can place orders. If you're going with this method while you're on a break, make sure to change your password in case you've already given the link to some of your customers.

  • You can also use the Private Mode if you'd like to have an exclusive sale for your loyal customers. As a heads-up, your shop with your main domain will be closed, and they can only order through the private link.

Turn All Your Products and Bundles Off

Another way to close your shop is to turn off all of your products. Should you opt for this, your customers will still be able to access your shop, but it will appear as closed. They won't be able to browse your items as well:

  1. Go to your Products page.

  2. Toggle off all your products.

Turn Off Your Calendar Dates

This option is ideal when you're only taking a break: If you still want your customers to be able to browse through your menu without being able to place an order, you can just block your Fulfillment dates in your Calendar.

Here's how your shop will look like:

  1. Check if your Fulfillment dates setting is toggled on.

  2. Head to your Calendar, and block the dates at least 3 months from now.

  3. Don't forget to click "Save"!

🚩 Need to Know:

  • If you block dates less than 3 months from the day you're closing your shop, your customers will still be able to place orders for the months you didn't block.

  • Closing your shop doesn't automatically mean your subscription has been canceled. If you also want to cancel your subscription, have a chat with Coco here!

  • If you want to delete or deactivate your shop entirely, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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