Accepting payments via Credit/Debit Card is sure to bring you more sales: up to 70% of buyers prefer to pay with card!

Credit/Debit Card payments are automated, meaning that we'll receive and verify payments for you instantly so you can fulfill orders ASAP. You'll then receive your payments in the form of a payout.

Setting up your Credit/Debit Card payments will require you to set up your payout account with Stripe, our third-party payment provider. Here's how to get started.

1. Head to your Payment settings.

2. Scroll down and enable Credit/Debit Card.

3. Click the Add payout button. If ever you head back or wish to restart the quick process, you can do so by clicking the Finish setup or Restart button:

4. After clicking the Add payout or Finish setup button, you'll be redirected to our payment portal, where you can key in the following details:

A) Type in your e-mail address and mobile number.

B) A verification code will be sent to your mobile number. Type it in the next field.

C) Next, select the type of business your shop falls under:

If your business isn't registered yet, you can choose to verify as an individual instead.

D) Verify your personal details (i.e. name, e-mail, nationality, address, date of birth, home address, mobile, identification number). Requested info may differ depending on the country you selected.

E) Afterwards, select your industry and input your website. You can opt to use your Cococart link.

F) Type in your payout info. Note: please always choose BANK ACCOUNT as these are the only type of accounts we can credit card payouts to.

G) Review your details. If the info provided is correct and complete, you should be set to receive card payments and payouts. Good job!

Heads up: if for any reason Stripe decides to close your application, you may contact them directly at or shoot them an email at [email protected].

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