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Boost your credibility with customer ratings

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Checking reviews is an essential part of any shopping experience β€” smart buyers are only swayed by stellar ratings! Upgrade to Growth or ProΒ to bring in sales with this awesome new feature.

How It Works

24 hours after you mark an order as "Fulfilled", your customer will receive an email asking them to leave a review for their order.

They can then leave a review up to 120 days from the date they received their order. Once they click the Rate your order button from the email, they'll be redirected to this page:

Your customer will then be asked to leave an optional review.

Or they can upload an image too:

Displaying Reviews On Your Store

Once you start receiving reviews, you can find them on your Reviews page.

Under each review, you'll see the option to Publish the review or View the order. By default, we leave reviews unpublished until you decide to display them in your store. But if you'd like to publish reviews automatically, you can enable this under your Review settings:

Here's how reviews will be displayed on your shop:

Once customers click the reviews icon, they can view this page:

That's it! Here's to boosting your shop's credibility. 😎

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