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How will I receive my payouts?
How will I receive my payouts?

Here's how to receive your payouts, and when you'll get them based on your payment method

Written by Cococart Support Team
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Payouts refer to your earnings from automated payments made by your customers to Cococart. For example: your customer makes a payment method via Credit/Debit card. We automatically verify the payment for you, and send it to the account provided.

You can check your payout details in your Earnings page on your dashboard.

Here's how to receive payouts from automated payments:

  1. Head to your Payments settings.

  2. Under your selected payment method, enable Automated and click the Add payout button:

  3. Select your account as Individual or Company, type in your details, and choose a payout method. This is the account that will receive payouts sent by Cococart.

  4. Fill in the requested details and click Save.


  • If you have multiple automated payment methods enabled, you only have to add one payout account. All your payouts will be sent to one bank account or e-wallet.

Want to know when you're going to receive your payouts? Check out "When will I receive my payout?"

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