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What else should I complete before I start taking orders?
What else should I complete before I start taking orders?

An easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to help you launch your store using Cococart.

Written by Cococart Support Team
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Before you start taking orders, here are the things you need to complete to ensure a seamless ordering experience for you and your customers!

Step 1: Add Products

After logging into your Cococart dashboard, navigate to the "Products" section to effortlessly expand your store by adding more exciting products!

Add different variants for your products or even ask for customizations from customers. Detailed steps can be found in our Product Management Help Center category.

Step 2: Add Delivery/Pickup Options

To make changes to your delivery and pickup methods, go to Settings > Fulfilment. Explore various options, and even customize fees for each fulfillment method! You can tailor the delivery experience to fit your business.

Step 3: Choose Payment Options

The payments section can be found by going to Settings > Payments and scrolling down.

Stay ahead with our expanding range of automated payment methods. Need to accept a payment method we haven't integrated yet? No worries – take control by manually adding it through the "Custom Payments" option.

NOTE: Make sure your timezone in your General settings is correct, otherwise, the payment methods that should be available for your country or region won't be available.

Timezone formats are Continent/Country or Continent/Region (example: Asia/Singapore, Asia/Manila, America/New_York). If you're seeing a different format (example: Etc/GMT-8), please make sure to change it to one of the available options.

Step 4: Add Your Payout Details

If you're using any automated payment method, make sure to put in your payout details so we can send your payouts accordingly. Check this article to see how you can set it up!

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