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Deliveries and Pickup Methods
How do I add delivery and pickup methods?
How do I add delivery and pickup methods?
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Ready to take your online shop to the next level? Picture this: seamless transactions, happy customers choosing how they get their goodies, and you boosting your business game. Whether it's doorstep deliveries or a in-store pickups, giving your customers choices makes shopping with you a breeze!

Head over to your Fulfillment settings to set up how you want your customers to receive their orders. 


  1. Click on "Pickup later" in your Fulfillment settings.

  2. Add a pickup method, and label it as you prefer (Example: Pickup from Location A, Pickup from Location B; Pickup at lunchtime, Pickup at dinner time).

  3. You can choose whether or not to set a price (if it's a meetup, or as handling fees).

  4. Include pickup instructions such as "Pickup is at this address" or even which doorbell to ring!

    ❗️NOTE: These instructions will appear at the end of your shop's checkout flow, so your customers have the chance to change their Fulfillment method before confirming their order.

  5. Always remember to hit Save after making any changes!


  1. Click on "Delivery" in your Fulfillment settings.

  2. Add a delivery method, and label as you prefer (Example: Delivery on Weekends, Delivery on Weekdays; Delivery to Area A, Delivery to Area B).

  3. Set how you will charge the delivery fee:

    1. Set Price
      This will be a standard price for all customers, no matter the distance. Price is included at checkout.

      After putting in a price, you can offer either discounted or free deliveries:

    2. Calculated at Checkout
      This option is only available to Growth and Pro subscribers, as it requires a Lalamove setup. The delivery fee will be automatically calculated according to the distance from your pickup address to the customer's address, and will be included at checkout.

      Choosing this option automatically enables Verified Addresses - which requires customers to choose an address registered in Google Maps.

      With this option, you can also offer free deliveries after setting a minimum spend!

    3. Quote After Order
      Ideal for deliveries booked outside the checkout flow. Fees for this option will be collected separately from the checkout flow.

  4. Include any instructions required for booking deliveries such as your pickup address, recommendations, or anything you deem necessary. 😊

  5. Lastly, don't forget to click Save at the bottom right!

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