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Upon logging in to your dashboard, you’ll be directed to your Orders page, where you can view or edit orders.

You can use the search bar or filter orders by their delivery date, order date, inbox folder, order status, or fulfilment status for easier viewing. Select the checkbox next to each order to manage them in bulk, e.g. for updating the order status to Approve or Reject them.

Next, here's how to view a summary of your orders.

Heads up! This feature is available for Startup and Business subscriptions. Upgrade now to get a real picture of your order stats!

  • Step 1: Head to Summary on your Orders page and input a date range to view your order summary for that period.

  • Step 2: Then sort your order summary by items or time slots.

  • Bonus step: export your order summary into a CSV file for convenient documentation.

  • Meanwhile, the View orders button will take you back to your Orders page.

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