Set up your Cococart store in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Add Products

Once you log in to your Cococart dashboard, head over to "Products" on the sidebar and proceed to add more products to your store.

Products Dashboard

Add different variants for your products or even ask for customizations from customers. Detailed steps can be found here: Adding products.

Step 2: Add Delivery/Pickup Options

To make changes to your delivery and pickup methods, go to Settings > Fulfilment. From there, you can add different delivery methods that customers use to receive their orders. You can set a fee per delivery option or collect the fee separate from the order.

Step 3: Choose Payment Options

The payments section can be found by going to Settings > Payments in the sidebar and scrolling down.

We are constantly adding new, automated payment methods. If you would like to accept a payment method we do not support yet, you can add it manually by clicking on "Add Custom Payment".

Payments Section

Step 4: Start Selling!

Finally, put your Cococart link on your social media accounts or send your customers your link directly!

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