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How do I accept payments using Pocket? (For Brunei Merchants)
How do I accept payments using Pocket? (For Brunei Merchants)

Here's how to use our latest payment integration for Brunei sellers, Pocket Payments!

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Pocket Payments is a secure and convenient platform that lets you receive payments without having to switch banks or open a new account. Customers can now send money from their pocket to your Pocket in just a few easy steps!

Pocket supports growing businesses with an exclusive Cococart discount: paying Cococart subscribers will be charged a small 2.7% in transaction fees instead of the usual 3%.

What's more — these transaction fees will be waived* if you make more than $800 in a single calendar month!

*A maximum of $30 in transaction fees will be waived per month from 1st December 2022 to 30 June 2023

How do I open a Pocket Account?

Here are the requirements of Pocket for merchants who wish to open an account for Cococart Integration:

  1. Pocket needs a business registration to sign up. They will be asking for a copy of Biz Certificates 16 and 17.

  2. The owner must present an ID with a signature.

  3. Business bank account. They accept any bank but they prefer BIBD & Baiduri due to partnerships. (You’ll only need $50 to open a biz bank account at BIBD)

  4. Secondary person to liaise, their contact details and ID with signature.

  5. Signed Service Agreement (Which they will provide upon email).

Once approved, they will be asking for 1 or 2 product photos and the company logo for Social Media announcements. Approval and review will take 3 working days.

How to Set Up Pocket Payments

  1. Log in to the Pocket website with your email address and password.

  2. Select your Cococart shop on your Pocket dashboard:

  3. Select Integration on your shop menu.

  4. Copy your Merchant ID and Terminal ID:

  5. Log in to your Cococart dashboard and head to your Payments page. Enable Pocket and paste your Merchant ID, Terminal ID, and any other instructions you'd like to include.

That's it! Now watch those orders roll in thanks to your brand new payment method. 😉

Paying with Pocket

Here's how customers will pay via Pocket upon placing their order:

Clicking the Pay via Pocket button will redirect customers to the Pocket app, where they can complete their payment. If they don't have the app installed, customers can click Copy payment link to complete payment on their browser.

Upon being redirected, customers can select a Payment Method from a dropdown list, which will show the name of their card's bank and the last 3 digits of their card:

Upon successful payment, customers will receive this confirmation message:

And just like that, orders paid via Pocket will be ready for processing. 😎

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