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Automatically Book Lalamove Deliveries
Automatically Book Lalamove Deliveries

Here's a quick tutorial on how to use our new Lalamove feature!

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You asked โ€” we listened. Our Lalamove feature lets you schedule, book, and manage deliveries without leaving your dashboard. Let's get started!

Connect your Lalamove account with Cococart

Heads up: this feature is available for Startup+ subscribers who are already registered with Lalamove. Your Lalamove balance will be used to cover the cost of deliveries, and you can top up accordingly on the Lalamove app. Upgrade your Cococart account now to book orders instantly!

If you don't have a Lalamove account yet, you can sign up first here.

1. Log in to your Cococart Orders page, and click the Activate button on the "Easy deliveries with Lalamove" banner:

2. Before being redirected to a registration form, you'll be asked to enter your pickup address so you won't have to provide it each time you need to make a delivery.

3. Click the Next button to be redirected to a Google Form where you can complete your Cococart x Lalamove registration.

Make sure to fill in all the information fields! A Lalamove representative will then reach out within 3 business days to enable your Lalamove account for the integration.

4. Our Support Team will then let you know once your account integration is ready!

Start booking deliveries

Once you've received a confirmation from our Support Team, here's how to book your orders for delivery.

1. Select the checkbox for the orders you want to deliver. Take note: your orders can only be delivered via Lalamove if their phone number format and delivery addresses are valid.

For delivery addresses:

Make sure to enable Verified addresses under your Fulfillment settings to ensure that Lalamove can recognize and map out the address provided by your customer.

2. Click the Lalamove "Delivery" icon on the top right corner if you're on desktop, and on the center menu on mobile.

3. You'll be asked for your delivery preferences.

First off, pick your preferred vehicle.

Take note: prices will vary depending on your selected vehicle.

Next, input the date for when you want your orders to be picked up.

You'll then be asked for your preferred pickup time. If you schedule your orders for pickup on the same day, you can choose instant pickup by selecting the Schedule Now option.

Once you're ready, click the Book Delivery button. If you don't have enough balance to cover the delivery cost, you'll be redirected to the Lalamove app to top up.

4. You'll receive a confirmation message where you can view the status of your booking on the Lalamove app.

Track deliveries on your dashboard

After you've booked your orders for delivery, the status should change to Delivery Scheduled on your Orders page.

Meanwhile, your Deliveries page will display a breakdown of all your deliveries.

Clicking any of the rows will expand the delivery details like this:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to set up a corporate account with Lalamove? Can I just use a personal account?

  • Lalamove only supports third-party integrations for corporate accounts. Don't worry, you do not need a registered corporate entity.

Can I apply coupons in my Lalamove account when making delivery bookings through Cococart?

  • Lalamove currently does not support third-party sites making bookings with coupons. If you'd like to use a promo code on a booking, please make it in your Lalamove dashboard.

Can I make smaller top-up amounts to my Lalamove corporate account?

  • Lalamove unfortunately has higher top-up amounts for corporate accounts, which cannot be customized.

And that's a wrap! Here's to more orders and more deliveries with Lalamove. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

On the Hobby plan, and not ready to upgrade yet? Check out this article:ย Upload Orders Manually to Lalamove

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